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What kind of carpenter’s hammer works?

Hammer is a very common tool in the process of carpentry creation. Usually, we see a hammer composed of two parts: a hammer head and a handle. Its main function is to make it change shape or shift by tapping, which is generally used to correct objects or to break them open.


▲ Hammer

Did hammers come from primitive societies? In primitive society, working people used a stone to crack a nut, or a stone against a stone to create a spark, then the stone can be called a hammer? Xiaobian access to a lot of information is also unable to know, I hope the enthusiastic audience can leave a message to share knowledge Ha!


▲ The hammer began with the wisdom of the working people in primitive society

However, the hammer was not called the hammer before, but “melon” or “bone duo”, because the head of the hammer resembles a melon or a thorn ball. In ancient times, people used hammers as weapons. Because of the different shapes of the hammerheads, they were divided into two categories: standing melon and lying melon.


▲ Vertical melon hammer


▲ Lying melon hammer

Hammers also come in different lengths. Long hammers are about two meters long, short hammers are only a dozen centimeters long, and most of the standard styles are between 50 centimeters and 70 centimeters long.

Now usually according to our daily role, hammer can be divided into claw hammer, octagonal hammer, nail hammer, nipple hammer, inspection hammer and so on.


▲ Hammer of different lengths

▲ A wide variety of modern hammers

The claw hammer is the most used in our daily life. It is said that it was invented in ancient Rome, while the modern claw hammer was improved by the Germans. As the name suggests, the claw hammer got its name because the one end of the hammer has a V-shaped opening, like the horn of a goat. The function of claw hammer is that one end can knock a nail, and the other end can drive a nail. The hammer is used for both purposes. The V-shaped opening drives a nail using the lever principle, which is a kind of labor-saving lever.


▲ Claw hammer

According to the material of hammer, it can be divided into four kinds: iron hammer, copper hammer, wood hammer and rubber hammer.


▲ Hammer

One of the more common hammer is generally used to drive nails into the wood, to play a fixed role.


▲ Brass hammer

Copper hammer is softer than iron hammer, and it is not easy to leave hammer marks on the object, and copper hammer has a good advantage is that copper hammer is not easy to spark, in some flammable and explosive occasions copper hammer can be sent on a great use.


▲ Judge’s Hammer

Each judge has a wooden hammer in his hand, which is equivalent to the former panic wood. We also need a wooden hammer in the carpenter’s box, which is mainly used for chisel and plate making. Compared with the hammer, the strength of the wooden hammer is easier to control, and the marks after falling the hammer are very shallow, which is more labor saving. Generally large wooden hammer made of cork, relatively light, small wooden hammer made of hardwood.


▲ Rubber mallet

Rubber mallet is more elastic, which can play a good cushioning role. We mainly use it for slight hammering, so that the connection between wood and wood is more delicate and close.

Post time: Nov-22-2022