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Company News

  • Modern hammer tools. What kind of hammer have you seen?

    Modern hammer tools. What kind of hammer have you seen?

    Hammers are the most common and widely used tools in daily life. When it comes to hammers, many people may think that hammers are all alike and there is no difference, but they are not.  Hammer has a very high technical content, such as: hammer head material, hardening t...
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  • It ‘ll give you the basics of pulleys

    It ‘ll give you the basics of pulleys

    In mechanics, a typical pulley is a round wheel that rotates around a central axis.  There is a groove on the circumferential surface of the round wheel. If the rope is wound around the groove and either end of the rope is pulled forcibly, the friction between the rope and the round wheel will ca...
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  • Enterprise development

    Enterprise development

    Shandong Flat Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the much more larger domestic manufacturer of hand tools and rigging series, with independent import and export right, is the largest domestic manufacturer of hand tools and rigging series. The products are in line with DIN (Germany), ANSI (...
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  • BSCI certification

    To continue to deepen the international market, Shandong Flat Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was audited by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification work team on April 23rd. After professional on-site audits, document and material audits, employee interviews, and other au...
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