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The Old Tool,the Hammer

The hammer is a very old tools ,about thirty thousand years old,but it is still very useful ,As we all know ,the structure of a hammer is not complicated ,It only consists of a hammer head and a handle ,Up to now ,there are many different styles and functions of hammers ,but the hammer handle is much the same and the hammer head has its own characteristics.

Let’s first take a look at hammers in ancient times .



stone hammers

Stone hammers are tools from the Paleolithic Age,very simple…It was much later that the stone hammer with the hole below appeared .


There are Kong Shi hammer

The perforated stone hammer is a big improvement over the previous stone hammer,to the later warhammer.


War hammer

Warhammers are designed for conflict applications,and their combat effectivenes is reflected in their handles ,After looking at the hammers of ancient times ,looking at the hammers of today ,there is a hammer that is used to explore ancient times .


Geological hammer

Geological hammers ,of course ,are mostly used by geological surveyors ,One end of the hammer is an ordinary hammer,and the otherend is characterized by a flat or curved shape,which is used to cut through hard rock for geological observation .Asimilar but different use today is the claw hammer .



Claw hammer

。The modern claw hammer was invented by anAmerican blacksmith.One side of the hammer head is flat and curved to the hammer handle .Unlike the geological hammer ,there is a V mouth in the middle ,like a claw ,but this is not for good looks .There are round head hammer and stone hammer favored by migrant workers.


Ball pein hammer

One end of the hammer head of a round head hammer is an ordinary hammer head, the other end is a hemispoid, this end is mostly used for knocking riveting (mǎo) nails.


Stone hammer

Stone hammer is characterized by a large hammer head, more powerful percussion! It is common in construction sites and quarries. Having said that, let’s talk about the big ones, and let’s talk about the small ones.


Loose meat hammer

The end of the hammer is studded with angular spikes. Tapping the meat on the chopping board can cut and smash the fibers in the meat to enhance the texture. There are also two hammers that are not very powerful.


Wood hammer

Wooden hammer is used for knocking objects that are not suitable for damage, such as all wooden furniture, which will not make traces left on furniture while knocking.


Rubber mallets hammer

The hammer head of the rubber hammer is made of rubber with good elasticity, and is used for floor tile paving. When paving, the floor tile is struck to make its level and the position is neat.

Post time: Aug-15-2022